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LTE-M is an extension of 4G/LTE and uses mobile networks to provide access to a reliable, durable and high-performing low-power network (LPWAN). 

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Benefits of the LTE-M network

Higher autonomy, lower costs

  • Optimum energy consumption, giving devices up to 10 years of standalone power
  • Lower costs for LTE-M modules compared to standard GSM modules
  • No extra charge for LTE-M option

Improved coverage

  • Better building penetration and “indoor” network coverage
  • Better penetration of underground and semi-underground locations


  • Reliable and robust due to current 4G network
  • Mobile object management 
  • Network secured via SIM authentication
  • Real-time data/message relay
  • Bidirectional communication
  • Access to all communication channels (Data/Voice/SMS)

LTE-M technical specifications

IoT-specific features

  • 3GPP network standardisation 
  • LTE-M-specific radio protocol: Cat M-1 
  • Estimated speed: 375 kpps upload and download
  • Very low estimated latency: 100ms
  • Power Saving Mode & Extended DRX (eDRX) features
  • Coverage Enhancement Mode A (CE-A)
  • GSM module must be compatible with 800 Mhz and/or 1800 Mhz frequency bands
  • Handover management
  • Available in a number of EU countries and the USA

Functions may vary depending on coverage area & operator.


A range of applications in multiple markets

Any business application with high call-out costs needs a long battery life (without a power supply).

Do you have issues with indoor coverage? Are you dealing with difficult-to-access locations (underground or semi-underground)?

Then LTE-M may well be the technology you need.

It’s especially well-suited to uses such as: 

  • Managing transport and logistics: Managing fleets and tracking goods/containers
  • Portable technology: trackers for children, animals and the elderly, remote control systems for home appliances
  • Emergency equipment e.g. alarms or lifts
  • Smart Grids/Metering: managing electric meters, or public highway information panels 

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"The SIM cards also allow us to control equipment remotely in a super-prompt way, particularly in the field of parcel transport. They are going to allow us to connect only to our request on a site in order to do diagnostics or maintenance operations."


President, Ela Innovation


"The multiple-operator feature is practical because we get much better coverage on the GSM network. The prices are competitive and allow for having all of the operators on the same card. Plus, we have a card management and centralisation platform available to us"


Industrialisation and Production Manager, Naio Technologies


"Matooma allowed us to optimise our service. The service that was presented immediately created the need!"


Technical Director, Prodomo

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